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A backpack, rucksack, camping gear and school bags are necessary for most of our daily lives. When picking out what kind of backpack you want, it’s a great idea to look at the features involved. Is it made from durable material? Are the edges and corners reinforced? Does it come with wheels and an extendable handle for easy traveling and school campus life? Pink backpacks have an extra advantage for female preferences.
The ability to customize your backpack with your favorite color is one of the top deciding factors when picking out a travel bag, backpack, or even just a school organizer. Below, we’ve put together our five favorite backpack choices. From sporty to classy, from bright hot pink to subdued, sophisticated pink.
We know that every woman and girl is different with her own unique sense of style. Thus, we believe that we’ve put together a complete representation of the beauty and magic that the perfect pink bag can bring.

OUR Top 5 Best Pink Backpacks

This bag is great for anything sporty, like gym, hiking, and camping. Also heavy-duty tasks like dragging it around for your school with large, heavy textbooks inside.

It comes in a sporty design, it’s pretty hefty on the canvas and construction, it’s great for your next family camping trip or for going to camp during the summer. Plus, users found it to be really durable.


This bright fuschia bag seems to be designed for both indoor and outdoor lifestyles. This is because of it’s soft-lined laptop compartment, along with laundry net on the back. It’s heavily water-resistant and comes with 2 water bottle pockets.


It seemed a bit large for kids, so it may need to be used as an extra carry-on for family trips, rather than something your child could run around with all the time.

This bag is the ultimate pretty bag with classy, Oxford-style fabric and leather corners and leather straps. It is absolutely precious and is perfect for the indoorsy, bookish, girly-girl out there who wants the perfect, preppy backpack.

It’s made for college with a 15.6″ laptop and notebook compartment, an iPad-sized and notebook-sized secondary space, and many small pockets for keys, chapstick, and smartphone or tablet. It is seriously a Rory Gilmore level of look.


It has room for either 2 water bottles or a water bottle and an umbrella in the side pockets, depending on the type of weather you tend to have. We also love how boxy it is, making the compact shape actually far roomier and spacious inside. It’s great for a few more books to read on the train.


We think this bag could have come in a more full-size option for those who need the same classy look. But still have room for their large textbooks on longer school days.

For those of us who like all hot pink all the time, this pink backpack has no black detailing and no other colors to impede the look.

It is your average sporty backpack, but it also has the added advantage of being able to be folded up and stored in its own pocket. Thus making it the perfect bag to take traveling and bring back souvenirs with.


Users say that is it ultra-lightweight and that it is really very durable. Many of them used it for their road trips and for basic family outings out into the woods.


Although this backpack was counted as sturdy by users, it is only water resistant and puncture resistant. It was not made for hardcore camping and hiking and therefore may still be a secondary option for hiking trips. Even so, users found it reliable all the way through, so that may not be an issue.

This backpack is everything “Kawaii” (Japanese for all things cute). This bag is small and not to be used for textbooks or even for full-sized notebooks or iPads. Instead, use it for a smartphone or tablet, keys, brochures and accessories when traveling, and for carrying around small items which are difficult to fit or manage in pockets. It has a soft pink leather appearance with gold accessories, making it extra darling. Despite the small body, it has deep pockets which make it useful for carrying around souvenirs, maps and extra little trinkets.


It really is a darling design and it has space that normal purse designs don’t have in them. For that reason, it works better as a purse than many purses do.


A select few users found their bags had weak straps that broke not long after use. However, these were a small minority and most users actually commented on the hardness and toughness of the design. We seem to be missing some information here about the product which is slightly suspicious.

This is one of the most darling sets of bags you could ever own. It comes in a set of three, a backpack, a shoulder bag, and a pencil case, all matching.

There are not only multiple options for color of this matching set, but there are even multiple varieties of pink itself. In fact, the variety of prints available on this set is pretty amazing. The backpack is big enough for a full computer, several smartphones, an iPad or Macbook, and several notebooks.


This set is perfect for the feminine mind and her love of matching sets of accessories. In fact, out of all of the pink backpacks, we love this set the most because it offers the most options after you buy it and the most variety before you buy it.


Honestly, there wasn’t a lot we didn’t love about this set, including the fact that the shoulder bag is big enough to hold a set of files, a tablet, and writing accessories. The price is even quite cheap and the ratings were above 4.5 on Amazon.

Short Review Summary of the Pink Backpacks

Color. The Storm Hustle backpack (#1 above) is a deep fuschia color with black trim. Backpacks #2, #4, and #5 were an understated, classy pink. While backpack #3 was bright hot pink. We recommend using hot pink and bright pink for time with family and friends. Then the more sophisticated and subtle pink for social occasions and public appearances.

Classiness. Backpacks #2 and #4 (see above for reference) are very soft and sophisticated like preppy girls would use them. They also came in higher quality material than just canvas which emphasized the soft pink hues. We recommend going with the level of boldness and classiness which feels right for you. Some girls are just not the “soft pale pink leather” kind of girls and some women are just not the bright bold hot fuschia type of women. Remember ladies – you will always feel classy if you are also comfortable with your accessories.

Sportiness. Backpacks #1 and #3 (see above for reference) were the most sporty and would be great options when camping, hiking, and taking along the rough hallways of your school. Heavy schoolbooks are real factors when choosing a bag that is suitable for school. We always recommend hiking and camping worthy bags for those types of anything school related, unless you don’t have to haul a large number of books between classes.

What to Look for in Your Next Backpack

While buying a backpack seems a fairly simple process, there are actually some thoughts you might want to consider before getting a bag that sits in the back of your closet instead of being well used by you.

How Do You Tend to Use Your Backpack?

While many people use theirs for traveling compactly, others use them solely for camping or for schoolbooks. What do you always use your backpacks for? While a nice, little unique bag may seem really cute to you, if you only use backpacks to keep extra hiking rope in, you may want to get something visible but sturdier.

Consider this: When was the last time you used your backpack for carrying your laptop and notebooks? If you used it last week, then get a new one and make sure it’s big enough. But if you tend to stack your notebooks in the seat of your car and only grab the ones you need for that particular class, this type of backpack may be completely unnecessary for you. Do you tend to carry a purse? If not, was it because you don’t have a lot of stuff to carry or because you never found a design you liked? Consider trying out a deep-space but compact luxury backpack as a type of purse.

How Bad Does It Tend to Get in the Bottom of Your Backpack?

If the bottom of your bag is always a fine crust of silt from makeup eyeshadow, pencil shavings, and old bits of paper, consider getting a more compact bag so that your stuff is more easily accessed and managed.

If your bag tends to develop an orange layer of Cheetos and chips in the bottom, consider getting to smaller bags. Get one for your books and one for your snacks. Another option would be to devote an entire pocket of your bag to carry snacks. This way a thin line of orange Cheeto dust doesn’t taint the bottom of your notebooks or affect the resell value of your textbooks. If the bottom of your bag tends to be covered in pens, pencils, and bookmarks, then you may not be studying enough. Dig the writing instruments and the pamphlets out of the bottom of your backpack and devote them to one of the front pockets.

Do You Like the Idea of Having More than One Backpack Devoted to Different Things?

A little-known secret of effective organizers is that they DON’T keep everything in one place where they can easily access it. Instead, they keep different things in specific places For example, notebooks and lecture notes go in one bag, reference books in another bag, and schedule, homework, and practice tests in a third bag. This method is not just about keeping easy-to-find items in easy-to-find places.

It’s also about human error. You see, if you lost, misplaced, or left one of the bags behind, your life really wouldn’t be over. You have secondary and tertiary backup options. Good organizers plan for everything… including their own human fallibility.

Are You Paranoid about Losing Money, Jewelry or Valuables while at College?

This particular problem is a lot more common than you think. College students want to bring a small part of home with them when they move into their dorms. But most college dorm rooms are not secure and there are many pickpocket thefts just from hanging around campus. There’s not a lot you can do about that, but there is something you can do about your valuables. Your typical backpack often comes with extra pockets that nobody ever uses. Hiding extra money, fine jewelry, or ultra-special keepsake mementos in these little-used pockets practically makes your valuables burglar-proof.

Your would-be thief is looking for purses, wallets, things hidden in drawers, and money left in extra pairs of pants when they break in. They’re never interested in your schoolwork. Take advantage of that fact and hide some valuables in those seldom used pockets in your backpack.

Instead of a Makeup Bag, Have a Makeup Backpack!

Busy moms on the go and most college women find that makeup items fit easily into the small compartment of their most-used backpack. However, this is a great way to lose out on your intended look for your date tonight when your go-to lipstick is in the backpack you used for the gym this morning. Instead, get a smaller, boxy backpack, something obviously intended to be a cute little accessory item, and use that to store all of your makeup.

To make it extra easy and fast on yourself, get a backpack with three large compartments. Store eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and brow liner in one pocket. Foundation accessories and loose powder compacts in the second pocket. Chapstick, lipstick, lip foundation and lip primer in the third pocket. Now you won’t have to rummage around to find any of these things. You can just go to the correct pocket, easily pick up your most common foundation, and touch yourself up.

Final Thoughts: Pink backpacks and all things girly are some of a woman’s best weapons. Each individual woman is unique and easily identifiable using her own strengths. Pink has always been the color of feminine power and girly freedom.
Use the compact cuteness of Backpack #4 (see above) for classy, elegant, ladylike events. The sophistication is in the details, the gold accents, the soft pink leather look, and the ultra-chic, French style of the bag. Use the violent Fuschia color of Backpack #1 to proclaim out loud that you may be womanly, but you’re also tough and outdoorsy. The two are most definitely not mutually exclusive.
When you need something for an art exhibit, a night at the museum, or a classy afternoon date, use the bookish, sophisticated notes of Backpack #2. The understated salmon pink and the strong Oxford fabric look great being slung over the shoulder with any type of outfit.
In conclusion, pink backpacks are the most versatile among women’s accessories and they can be bought to fit any type of style a woman might possess. Be sure to upload pictures with your comments below showing your own pink backpack and your own unique personal style. We would love to see all of the variety of feminine style out in the world today. Make sure your belongings are always with you and keep safe. Happy Styling!