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One image that comes to mind for many Americans when they think of backpacks is the iconic black fabric rectangle emblazoned with the JanSport logo. That’s because for more than 50 years, JanSport has been providing quality, durable backpacks to America and beyond. Obviously you are aware of the excellence of their products, which is why you’ve come to us to help you determine what stores carry JanSport backpacks.

In this post, we’ll help guide you through some of both the online and the ‘offline’ brick-and-mortar options for purchasing your new JanSport backpack. While it is awfully convenient to shop online, there are additional benefits to shopping ‘in store.’ We hope you’ll consider all of the relevant options available to you in order to make the purchasing decision that’s right for you.

The Primary Online Option: The Official Website

The first option to consider for purchasing a JanSport backpack is the company’s official website: Jansport.com. Through their online store, you are able to peruse all 72 current models of backpack that they offer, as well as each model’s color or pattern options. They allow you to filter by price range, color, feature, bag size, and even laptop sleeve size. This is a wonderful option if you are interested in seeing what options are currently available.

One minor downside to shopping at the official site is paying MSRP. The same bag at another site may have a discount if you shop around, find a sale, or have a coupon code. As for shipping costs, the official site offers free standard shipping via FedEx on orders over $27. Expedited shipping is available at an additional charge.

Other Online Options for Purchasing JanSport Backpacks

Another logical answer to “what stores carry JanSport backpacks” is other online retailers. While these sites are not the official JanSport website, they do carry a variety of JanSport backpacks. As noted above, shopping at one of these sites may benefit you as some retailers are willing to sell below MSRP or offer other discounts.

Additionally, while the official website typically only offers the backpacks that are current models, at some of these other retailers you may find discontinued models at a reduced price. This is more likely to occur after newer backpack models are released by JanSport.

Our top five suggestions for other online retailers are:


By now, everyone is familiar with Amazon as the most ubiquitous online shopping experience. A simple search for JanSport backpacks on Amazon yielded 717 results. Suffice to say, they or one of the other sellers they work with, have virtually any backpack you desire.

The prices will likely vary dependant on who is selling the item and other factors, but many will be available with Amazon Prime shipping or One-Day pickup if that’s available in your area. For those who don’t have access to an Amazon Prime account or if you’re buying from a marketplace vendor who doesn’t offer Prime shipping, the shipping costs will obviously vary.


This retailer focuses solely on selling backpacks, including JanSport. Interestingly, as their sole focus is on helping the purchaser find the right backpack they offer a “curated” selection, which is to say they don’t offer every pack under the sun. In terms of JanSport backpacks, they carry around 30 models in selected colors or patterns.

Backpacks.com also offers free shipping within the continental U.S. through UPS, and expedited shipping is available. Outside the continental U.S., shipping is a flat rate $5 per item.


Founded in 1998, eBags.com started selling bags, backpacks, and luggage, but has rapidly expanded their selection of accessories. They currently offer 62 different models of JanSport backpacks in a wide variety of colors and prints. In order to earn free shipping, you must spend over $49 on your order.

Ground or expedited shipping is available at additional cost. It is worth noting that they do list a few limitations on shipping, such as inability to ship to P.O. Boxes, military APO/FPO addresses, or internationally. On a more positive note, they do offer a rewards program to earn discounts on your purchases, and a student discount through a program called UNiDAYS.


Overstock sells both new and closeout merchandise, sometimes at very sizable discounts. However, they also have a rapidly changing inventory so items may become unavailable without notice. While they offer more than 50 different JanSport backpacks at the time this was written, the options for colors and prints wasn’t as varied as other retailers.

They offer free shipping on orders over $45 and within the continental U.S. Unlike some of their competitors, they are able to ship most items to P.O. Boxes and to military addresses such as APO/FPO.


Originally started as an online shoe retailer, Zappos.com has expanded into selling backpacks, clothes, and other accessories. They offer a modest selection of JanSport backpacks, with several priced below MSRP. Unlike some of the other retailers, Zappos offers free shipping on every order, regardless of how much you spend. Additionally, they offer a rewards program which upgrades the free shipping to free expedited shipping.

One additional way you can shop online for JanSport backpacks is to use the Shopping tab built it to Google’s search engine. Simply search “JanSport backpack” using Google, and select the Shopping tab within the search results. While this function can be a bit clunky, and feature “sponsored” or ad-driven results, it does allow Google to filter results from different websites for you.

Brick-and-Mortar Options for Purchasing JanSport Backpacks

However, you may prefer to have an ‘old school’ shopping experience, where you actually go to a store and pick out the merchandise yourself. If you’d like to walk into a store in order to see and feel your prospective pack before purchase, there is also a wide assortment of brick-and-mortar locations for your convenience. All of these national retailers also have online stores as well.

Clothing Stores

Many of the major national clothing retailers, like JCPenney, Kohls, Macys, and Sears, will carry JanSport backpacks. They are likely to have a wider variety around back-to-school season from mid-July through mid-September.

Discount Stores

The big discount stores, Target and Walmart, both carry JanSport backpacks. Obviously, their selection will vary from season to season, but just like the clothing stores above, “back-to-school” season is your best bet for a wider variety. Also, in states where tax-free weeks or weekends are allowed, these discount stores typically participate allowing you to purchase your backpack ‘school supply’ free of sales tax.

Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores, such as Office Depot/Office Max or Staples, carry JanSport backpacks year-round. They may only carry perennially ‘best sellers’ but you should be able to find a decent selection.

Sporting Goods Stores

Some sporting goods stores, such as Dick’s or Finish Line, are likely to carry JanSport backpacks either in their camping or apparel sections.

Other Possible Retailers

In addition to these national retailers listed above, there are many other local retailers who carry JanSport backpacks such as camping stores, smaller clothing stores, and even college and university bookstores. By shopping local, you not only get to enjoy your new JanSport backpack, but get the added benefit of supporting your local community.

While it would be nigh impossible for us to list every possible local retailer, we do have a helpful tip to help you in your search. If you’re having trouble locating what stores carry JanSport backpacks nearest you, the official site has a store locator that can help narrow down the nearest retailer. Simply put in your zip code, or address, choose a search radius and press the bluish search button and let JanSport find the nearest retailers for you.


There are many reasons that the JanSport brand is synonymous with backpacks: their style, quality, and durability are quite formidable. Add in a lifetime repair/replace warranty on every single backpack sold, and you have a recipe for success. It’s no wonder why you’re here, reading this article, in order to find out what stores carry JanSport backpacks.

Throughout this post, we’ve provided several resources to help you find the right retailer to purchase a new JanSport backpack from, whether it’s online or offline. We hope you found it informative, and will consider us as a resource in the future.