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Are you someone who travels often? Does your commute demand you to carry two backpacks at once? At some point in time we’ve all tried stuffing too much into a single backpack and end up failing miserably, requiring the need for a second backpack. But how do you carry two backpacks at once?

There are times when, for various reasons, we need to carry more than a single backpack. Read on to find out why you might need two backpacks and how you can carry two backpacks at once!


Why Carry Two Instead of One?

We are often under the impression that carrying one backpack at the most is the best practice, but how productive is it to use a single heavy backpack vs. two manageable backpacks? Here are a few reasons why you might have to carry two backpacks at once:

  1. Because carrying a single heavy backpack is dangerous.
    We all know someone who carries a single heavy backpack everywhere. Sadly, they are damaging many aspects of their health and body. Carrying heavy backpacks damages your spine curvature, compresses your spine, causes shoulder and neck injury, chronic neck pain and back pain. On top of this, you are prone to accidents as you have lesser balance when you carry a heavy backpack. Here is an excellent article which explains why heavy backpacks are dangerous.
  2. Ease of usage.
    Do you travel often? Do you carry twenty to thirty different items in your luggage? Reaching out to your huge backpack and unpacking everything for the sake of a small accessory is painstaking. If you use two backpacks which have been clearly packed and labeled, your life becomes much more comfortable.
  3. Travel comfortably.
    Are you a hiker or a traveler who backpacks around the planet? Okay, even if you don’t do a world tour with a backpack, there are still chances that some of you travel with a backpack. When you arrive at your destination, it is often uncomfortable to carry a huge backpack around the city and all the tourist attractions.Why carry your two jeans, three t-shirts, undergarments, tent and nine other unnecessary things to a small beach nearby? On the contrary, carry two backpacks, load your necessary stuff for the day in a compact one. You can keep your bigger backpack in a cloakroom or any other place that is safe.
  4. Hike(r) friendly.
    Are you a fan of short outdoor hiking in any destination you reach? Is it just a one day hike to a small cliff and back? That is when two backpacks come to your rescue. Just like above, carry your essentials in a compact backpack and hike away happily.
  5. Be a better student.
    Yes, you heard that right. For school students, heavy backpacks are found to be the source of a wide range of issues. In the present days, the best way to find out if someone is a school student is to see if they are bending forward and slouching while they walk. That’s how heavy school bags have become. These heavy backpacks are affecting the heights of children, as the excess weight on the spine causes deformation and slows down the growth. Also, the straps on bags hug the shoulders tightly and cause blood circulation issues. On the other hand, dividing the load into two backpacks drastically reduces the negative effects. In situations where the load cannot be avoided, one has to divide it effectively.


Carrying Two Backpacks: Methods and Hacks Explained

The reasons behind carrying backpacks are clear, but how to carry two at once? True, it does seem improbable at first. However, we have a hack for everything! There are many ways in which you can carry two backpacks at once.

Here’s why you should do so. First, it helps you carry more. Second, it helps you manage whatever you have, more effectively. Here are a few hacks and solutions for people belonging to different categories — hikers, travelers, students and everyone else.


For Hikers

All outdoor enthusiasts are often required to carry heavy loads for a long period of time. Whether you’re hiking a long distance or a smaller one, packing is key. During the longer expeditions, you will need to carry a wide range of gear and accessories. In such cases, most people prefer carrying one sturdy backpack, but it’s better to carry your heavy gear like a sleeping bag, tents, clothes, etc. in your rucksack, and pack all the lighter gear like small accessories in a daypack. There are a few daypacks that come with options where you can connect straps to them and carry them as a shoulder bag, and doing so can help you reach out to necessary things easily without having to remove your backpack again and again.


For Travelers

Hikers, travelers and specifically backpackers tend to carry heavy rucksacks comprising of their whole clothing and accessories. Carrying a big rucksack everywhere is a troublesome affair. If you have two backpacks, carrying your stuff around while you travel becomes easy. You have two options here: carry a secondary daypack in your rucksack, or carry a shoulder bag and a bigger rucksack. Here is a YouTuber who prepares for her 8-month backpacking trip and uses two bags – a backpack, shoulder bag, and a daypack.

When you need to, you can transfer the most necessary items into the daypack and travel around while your rucksack is kept away for brief periods of time. You can even carry a small daypack and wear it on your chest instead of your back. While it doesn’t sound very attractive, it’s often a viable thing to do.

If you need to carry two backpacks, wear a small daypack to your chest and carry the heavier one on your back. As long as the backpack isn’t too tall and reaches above your neck, it shouldn’t be a problem. This forum here has some good tips and proven methods on how to carry two backpacks at once.


For Students

For many students, major parts of their bag are their laptops or books and their food plus water. A smart way of distributing the weight is to carry your books and food in one backpack and carry your laptop in a shoulder back or a small laptop back which can be held by your hand, or carry the laptop and everything else in your backpack and carry food in a small shoulder or a handheld bag. For students, carrying two backpacks is often impossible, so carrying a daypack alongside a shoulder bag or a handheld bag is extremely helpful.


Types of Two-Backpack Combinations

Carrying two backpacks is a great idea, but should you carry a shoulder and a day pack or a rucksack plus a daypack? Read on to find out which combination works the best for you.


Rucksack and Shoulder Bag

If you are a traveler who does short expeditions and carries lesser clothes and items, you can go with this combination. While the rucksack carries all the clothes and necessary items, your shoulder bag comes in handy to transfer all the accessories that don’t fit in your rucksack. Transfer accessories into your shoulder bag and pack heavy stuff into your rucksack.


Rucksack and Daypack

If you are a heavy backpacker who might have to backpack around several cities or maybe countries, this one is for you. Carry all the bulky items and essentials in your rucksack and transfer all the lightweight items and accessories which you may have to reach often into your daypack. Wear the daypack to your chest and the rucksack to your back. While this isn’t fashion-savvy, it’s a great time saver and helps you carry more and with less damage.


Daypack and Shoulder Bag

If you are a student, you can carry this combination for the best results. Like we have mentioned above, students tend to experience a lot of problems due to heavy backpacks. Pack your books, laptop, and food plus water bottle smartly in both the bags and distribute the weight properly. Your daypack must be slightly heavier than your shoulder bag, otherwise you’ll hurt your shoulder.

Also, for photographers who need to carry a lot of equipment for their work-related travel can opt for this combination. They can pack the lighting and other equipment in their backpack and carry the camera in a shoulder bag. Here is an excellent discussion on carrying stuff for photographers – although it has some polarising views about carrying two backpacks, the illustrations and answers are of great help.


Two Daypacks

This combination is not really advisable. When you have to carry stuff worth two daypacks, it is advisable to usually pack them in a big daypack plus a shoulder bag.


The Bottomline

In our times, travel has been playing an important role. To travel effectively and effortlessly, you must know how to pack right. The above information can help you travel better by reducing the downsides that come with a heavy backpack. At the same time, it can help you pack your luggage better and provide you with more accessibility.

Whether you are a traveler, backpacker, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, student or anyone who needs to carry heavy load and luggage every day, you might end up wondering how to carry two backpacks. If you can relate, this information is for you! Make the most of it by applying it and reaping the amazing benefits. Traveling is fun and enriching, but only when it’s done right.