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Vera Bradley backpacks

If you’re looking for a high quality and stylish backpack without breaking the bank, I’d recommend considering Vera Bradley backpacks. Known for her stylish, quilted designs Vera Bradley are quite affordable when it comes down to it. So, you’re probably wondering just how much are Vera Bradley backpacks? Read on.

How much are Vera Bradley backpacks?

The cost of a new Vera Bradley backpack is going to depend on a variety of factors, such as size, style, color, and of course where you buy it. After doing a quick Google search, I have found that you can find a fairly simple, drawstring style backpack for as low as $28 at some online retailers. Also, some consignment stores have used backpacks starting around that price as well. So, we should consider that $28 price point as our low end.

As for the high end of the spectrum, the official website has a black (or brown) leather cargo-style backpack for just under $250. It features a drawstring and magnetic closure for the main compartment. It also has three exterior zippered pockets, one interior zippered pocket and two interior slip pockets. It is a rather sleek and elegant backpack, in my honest opinion, but the leather material prohibits the signature quilted-fabric style that Vera Bradley is known for.

Considering the difference between a $28 ‘ditty bag’ and a $250 leather backpack, you may find yourself wondering what the remainder of the bags cost. While there are some at virtually every price point along that spectrum, the vast majority will fall into one of three rough price points: the $70-$90 range, the $110-$130 range, and the $150+ range. I’ll try to discuss the features and benefits of each price range below.

The lower range: $70-$90

These backpacks tend to have been designed for lighter use. That is not to say that they were designed for only occasional use, rather they are smaller and designed to carry lighter objects. They range from dimensions as small as 9 ¼” w x 12 ½” h x 4 ¾” d up to 12″ w x 16 ¾” h x 7 ½” d. It is worth noting that the larger bag is a discounted price on what was a $130 bag, but those particular prints had been retired. In addition to the main compartment, these bags typically have one secondary zippered compartment, and two smaller side pouches which are sometimes slip pouches and other times zippered.

The middle range: $110-$130

I feel that this is the typical price point for the main line of current season backpacks and contains both her Iconic Campus Backpack and Campus Tech Backpack lines. These bags are usually in the larger set of dimensions listed above (12″ w x 16 ¾” h x 7 ½” d) and typically can carry a heavier load. Both the Iconic Campus and Campus Tech lines are designed to carry a standard-size laptop, with the difference being that the Tech line lists it as a separate zippered laptop compartment. Both have two front zip pockets, two side pockets, and 32″ adjustable straps. They also come in a wide variety of fabric patterns.

The upper range: $150+

There are three features that place one of Vera Bradley’s backpacks into this upper price point: fabric print, size, or functionality. It you’re not a fan of the print fabrics that comprise the vast majority of the Vera Bradley collection and simply want a solid color, you’re in luck because they are available. Just expect to pay a premium for it. Want a larger version of the Iconic Campus backpack? Try the XL series for just a little extra cash. Want some other feature, like a rolling backpack or stylish diaper bag? Those features are available, but also cost extra.


If you’re in the market for a stylish Vera Bradley backpack, you can expect to pay anywhere from $28 to $250 depending on the backpack and retailer. Most of the main lines of her bags will end up around $110 though, depending on those same factors. If you can find a sale, or don’t mind a ‘retired’ print then you can save a little on your purchase. Regardless, you’ll be purchasing a beautiful bag that should last and provide a lasting visual statement.

Hopefully now you feel informed enough to make a wise purchasing decision, and not to overspend on your new backpack. I hope after reading this post, you can answer “How much are Vera Bradley backpacks?” Certainly, the quality and style her backpacks provide are well worth the price. Happy shopping, and thanks for reading.