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Travel backpacks are one of those rare items that have seen us through every stage of our lives, and occasionally we forget that we will never out grow their use. It is a never-ending essential, which is why buying a travel backpack that suits your needs exclusively is crucial.

Whether your weekly schedule consists of walking from school to work or jetting across the globe jumping from plane to train, we have a list of the ten most functional backpacks that could make your life just a bit easier.


Langus Laptop Backpack

We think this backpack would be a good choice for any college student or young professional looking to carry all their school or work necessities with an affordable price tag.

The Langus travel backpack comes fully equipped with a USB charging port, anti-theft design that includes a hidden zipper making it difficult for anyone else to open. Additionally, it is very spacious and outfitted with reasonable and practical compartments, which would be ideal for going from school to work, or if you travel regularly, particularly if you need to work remotely while traveling between cities.

The backpack has a sleek, modern, and gender-neutral style if this is an important attribute for you. I would recommend this backpack to someone who is looking for maximum daily functionality and security, but at an affordable price. Buyers recommend the backpack for its functionality and pocket placements, as well as the reflective strips in the front of the backpack making travel from work or school back home safer at night.

trustbag backpack for travel


The Trustbag is a multi-functional travel backpack ideal if you are a student and traveller who prioritizes comfort, modern functionality, and a longer-term customer warranty.

The company produces it’s own material from top to bottom, allowing the customer to benefit from a full refund after purchase if there are any manufacturing issues. We like that this backpack is able to comfortably go from a weekday to weekend transition. It is even suitable to use on hikes.

The Trustbag comes equipped for laptops larger than the standard 13 inches, allowing for a maximum of 15.6 inches. We like the simplicity and functionality of the backpack for easy going travellers in particular.

Firstly, it avoids unnecessary decoration (i.e. hooks, straps, key rings), making this a solid travel backpack that you can easily store under an airplane seat or overhead in a cabin.

Secondly, there is a built in USB charging cable and room for your own power bank so charging your phone or any other device is not an issue. Customers have highlighted the backpack’s thick, cushiony exterior as an important attribute for those who will be carrying laptops or fragile electronic devices.

Find the Trustbag here.

Evertitan checkpoint friendly backpack

Everti Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

For those of you prioritizing backpack laptop space, the Everti Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack allows for a maximum of 18.4 inches of laptop space, and we should note that it has a roomier width for thicker laptops or other equipment.

This backpack is useful for those who are looking for a little bit of extra room in their bag and maybe a bit less of the extra compartmental space or excessive pockets. The Everti travel backpack has a 180-degree zipper to store larger items without issue of possible snagging. It is durable against rain and snow, which makes it perfect for professionals who will be regularly traveling or hiking with consoles or other electronic gadgets.

Despite the roomy space, there are still smaller compartments to store an additional Kindle or iPad. Many of the positive reviewers sited traveling for work as the reason they chose the Everti Titan backpack.

Find the Everti Titan Backpack here.

Evecase School College Water Resistant Multipurpose Backpack

Evecase School College Water Resistant Multipurpose Backpack

For those who are traveling overseas for school or an internship, note that the Evecase backpack is equipped with up to 17.3-inches of laptop space with compartments for supplies, keys, cards, and wallet..

This backpack has a modest, slim look, inside and out, and the straps and back are designed with breathable mesh and cushions for support should you need to carry your backpack throughout the day. We find that the outer pocket of the Evecase backpack is predominantly work or school friendly allowing for easy storage of cables, pens, and supplies, with quick, easy access without too much fumble.

Please note that this backpack is not 100% waterproof, and is only readied to deal with light weather making it ideal for the door-to-door city life.

Find the Evecase Backpack here.

Tenba Roadie II Executive Backpack

Tenba Roadie II Executive Backpack (638-337)

This Roadie Executive Backpack would be better paired with the seasoned traveller or photographer, or for those who tend to hop on and off airplanes regularly for work. The Tenba is built out of weatherproof material and is equipped with side pockets wide enough for wallets and passports.

The bottom panel of the backpack is entirely waterproof in case of travel spills or unexpected rest stops. The size of this travel backpack is made specifically to fit in an overhead cabin or under the seat, and every handle on the backpack is cushioned for long haul trips. It is important to highlight that this travel backpack comes with user replaceable wheels and an extendable handle similar to a regular suitcase.

The exterior pocket is slim and secure, but allows for enough room to place a passport or credit card for easy access at the airport or train station. The Tenba Roadie has laptop room large enough to fit a 15-inch processor, and comes equipped with a tripod collar and exterior pocket to secure a tripod while traveling. Most reviewers found that the backpack was particular useful for international travel, which is why we would only recommend this backpack to regular, long distance travelers.

Find the Tenba Backpack here.



This travel backpack is best suited for any travelers worried about theft during vacation or traveling through bustling cities. Made from a double layer, slash resistant fabric, it is ideal for your two-week trip with family or friends. It is also made from a spill-resistant fabric, so liquids that hit the surface will bead and trickle off the backpack.

Despite its appearance, the bag evenly distributes weight in the shoulders and back if you are concerned about potential back pain. Another reason we think this backpack is best for short, busy trips is because you can lock the backpack, similar to a bicycle, against any fixed object.

Like a bike lock, the backpack-locking strap is reinforced with stainless steel making it nearly impossible for anyone to steal. The LOCTOTE uses radio-frequency identification to block any electronic pickpockets as well, keeping your passport and credit cards safe. This backpack should give you peace of mind if you know that you will be riding crowded subway trains or walking down busy streets.

Find the LOCTOTE Flak Sack here.

Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack

Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack

The Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack is a water resistant and highly tear resistant backpack that we recommend if you tend to go on hiking or camping trips over the weekends. This backpack is not particularly work friendly, and instead is equipped with compartments ideal for long haul hikes, climbing, or cycling trips.

The interior is not separated into multiple compartments and instead Sunhiker focuses on making this backpack lightweight and water bottle and snack friendly. If color is an important factor in your decision-making, this backpack does come in ten different colors. We advise this backpack for anyone who works out or finds themselves outdoors on a weekly basis.

Find the Sunhiker Backpack here.


Ambry Rope Sling Bag

This travel backpack provides consumers with a more stylish option when weighing the pros and cons in choosing a backpack. The Ambry Rope Sling Bag comes in seven different styles and color pallets. It is a lightweight, one strap 11” x 18” bag, which is a better option for those who are looking to carry bare essentials on the go.

The backpack comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and two cellphone pockets, which is useful if you know that you will be sharing the bag with friends or family on your trip. Our favorite thing about this backpack is the unique patterns and colors they have chosen that stray away from the typical two-tone backpack color scheme.

Consumers made a point to compare it to the Kavu bag which has a similar style at a higher price point, but highlight that the Ambry bag has larger pocket space for larger electronics.

Find the Ambry Rope Sling Bag here.

AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Backpack

AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack

Amazon has officially expanded their commodities into the travel backpack category. Their AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack is equipped for a seasoned travel that would rather not mess with difficult compartments and excessive zippers.

The exterior front-pocket is meant for easy access to important travel documents and small liquids you may need on an airplane. Fair warning, this backpack is large and we would only recommend it to those who prefer backpacks as a carry on item, but wish they had a bit more room to pack more items.

The interior style looks exactly like as standard travel suitcase complete with two seat belt style straps and a large zip compartment, so there are no other compartments or pockets on the inside. You have an option to wear it like a regular backpack, or use the disconnecting shoulder strap and carry it like a bag. We would recommend this product if you are prioritizing maximum space in a travel backpack.

Find the AmazonBasics Backpack here.

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

We recommend this backpack for those who need a multifunctional all in one bag. Size wise, it is a practical carry on, outfitted with a standard laptop partition and a multi-compartment exterior zip pocket.

We like the “day to night” features of the backpack, making it transitional from an airplane carryon to a hiking backpack with a waterproof rain cover, lightweight material, and breathable backpack straps for long treks in the woods.

If you find that you frequently carry trekking poles, tents, or sleeping bags, then note that the exterior pocket has attachment points to fasten any equipment you may need for your trip. If retailer warranty is high on your list of priorities, then it is imperative to note that this backpack includes a six-month 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty, which is significantly longer than a majority of standard seller warranties.

We recommend this backpack if you are looking for a bag spacious enough for weeklong trips, and lightweight material.

Find the OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack here.

Choosing the appropriate travel backpack

When choosing the appropriate travel backpack for your needs, it’s recommended to keep a pros and cons list of your top backpacks that you are considering. Buying factors, including cost, size, durability, pockets, and overall functionality, are all imperative in your investment.

If you are strictly looking for a travel backpack for a summer vacation or semester abroad, then it’s important to consider security and material durability in your purchase. We would recommend a medium sized, lightweight backpack with tear proof material and concealed zippers.

If your purchase requires that you prioritize the best hiking or outdoor travel backpack, then consider attributes such as maximum space, multiple exterior clips and pockets, and minimal interior compartments since you won’t need to worry about laptops, pens, or folders. And if you are a student or early career professional, then it’s important to buy a backpack with a laptop compartment that have the correct dimensions for your laptop specifically.

For students and professionals, we also recommend that the center pocket hold pockets and slots for your cables, supplies, and smaller electronics as deemed fit. Whether you are travelling, working, or enjoying the outdoors, you will need to find a backpack that feels custom tailored just for you.